About Me

Hi! I’m a Product Strategist originally from Sydney, Australia, and I enjoy creating intuitive, beautiful, and engaging data driven products. My job is to add simplicity and structure to solve complex, ambiguous, and often messy consumer problems.

As a self-taught designer and full stack developer, I’m proud to be able to take products from only an idea, strategy, and concept on paper, to a full market ready product. 

I’ve enjoyed working with a number of the world’s largest brands, and I’m currently having fun exploring the depths of Web3!

Sydney, Australia
New York, NY
Princeton, NJ

What I Do

Digital and Product Strategy

Collaborating with product leaders to iterate on product vision and roadmaps.

Product Design and Development

Experience design, prototyping, and full-stack development for consumer products.

Data Analytics

Analytics to model, predict and influence complex user/customer behavior.


Published author, hobbies in blogging, photography and video editing.

Design Leadership and Community

Previous lead of OpenIDEO, IDEO's social innovation platform.

Coaching and Mentorship

Lead of a world-class product strategy team.

Book: The Ordinary Leader - SunTzu's Art of Leadership

Dealing with failure, loss and anger takes a lot of energy. While you wait for that one moment of sweet victory, true bliss can be found in appreciating your path on progress and change.

With The Ordinary Leader, you’ll find ways to let go of the complaining, and methods to embrace life and the exciting challenges that come your way based on Sun Tzu’s ancient wisdom.

Who I've Worked With