Sun Tzu's Art of Leadership

The Ordinary Leader is a contemporary take on leadership, based on the wisdom of SunTzu’s The Art of War. It provides a casual in-depth look into how we can better understand the situation we’re in and our relationship with failure.

Many English authors focus on the literal translation of The Art of War, leaving it up to the reader to understand the lessons and stories behind the text. This is difficult because the work was not intended for modern audiences – ancient Chinese is a rich and complex language that frequently contains historical references, hidden meanings, and words that are no longer used in modern speech.

Add to that the difficulties in finding the exact words to accurately translate context from one language to another, English readers can only hope to gain a limited and narrow understanding of the meaning and intent behind SunTzu’s words.

This book is different. Rather than worry about the accuracy of the Chinese translation, I’ve generalized the principles and lessons behind the text to help you understand how it applies to living richer lives today.

The Ordinary Leader 

The Ordinary Leader is an original and easy-to-read guide for personal improvement. Profound mantras and insights abound, not only from Sun Tzu’s classic advice, but also from anecdotal storytelling and depth of research. Told partly in parables, history lessons, and practical lectures on attitude and resilience, this book is both existential and academic. While the writing occasionally takes tangents, this is part of the ultimate message – “victory” can take on many forms, as can the profile of a good leader – comprising a wholly original and effective work of self-help.

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Independently published:
Fall 2020

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